Should You Buy or Build?

Making money by buying and holding property is extremely difficult.

To make big profits you need to:

– Buy at the perfect time or

– Hold for an extremely long time or

– Use dangerous, leveraged bank debt

In today’s market, there is so much competition to find discounted multi-family properties for sale, there are no great bargains anymore. The properties listed on the MLS have all been picked over by hundreds of potential buyers. If you’re lucky to find a good deal, it will most likely be an older building with either a poor reputation or in need of extensive repairs—or both!

That’s why Teton Land & Development Group always prefers to BUILD.

Building just makes more sense because:

– Apartment investors want new vs. old

– Building simply costs less

– You can give customers exactly what they want

Bottom line… when you BUILD, market prices don’t have to increase even one dollar to make a big return!

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